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How To Organize
Everything you need to organize the Computer Match project is included in this web site. Follow the simple steps below for a successful fundraising project.
  1. Order enough OMR (Optical Mark Read) Response sheets for each student. These are FREE and can be ordered by clicking HERE .
  1. Advertise via poster and PA announcements for several days explaining the project to the students.
  1. Choose one of the questionnaires (found elsewhere at this website) that you would like to use. Make enough copies for all the students. You may alter the questions. If you do change any of the questions on the questionnaire, please include a copy with your response sheets so we can make changes in the program.
  1. Have everyone fill out a response sheet. Not everyone will buy a list, but some who are not planning on buying now may change their minds later when the excitement mounts. The response sheets should be filled out during a homeroom period or at some time when everyone can fill them out at the same time. This is important to avoid tampered results. Allow a make-up time for those who are absent. DO NOT COLLECT MONEY AT THIS TIME!
  1. Check through the completed forms to make sure all are complete and legible. PLEASE check to see that they are filled out properly. Be alert to fictitious, suggestive, or obscene names. Make sure the answer grids are filled in properly.
  1. Send the completed response grids along with an Order Form to us. Priority Mail from US Postal Service works best.
  1. In approximately 7 - 10 days you will receive your computer-generated lists. You offer them for sale to the students at a price which you set. (The common price is $1.00.) The normal turn-around time is 2-3 days from when we receive your order. Please allow a slightly longer turn-around time from mid-January to mid-February due to the large number of orders for Valentine's Day.
Mail Completed Forms To:
Computer Match
223 Southgate Road
Carroll, Iowa 51401-3246


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