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PLEASE check over the completed response sheets. Check for incomplete or unreadable sheets. Also, please check for fictitious or obscene names. We have no way of knowing what names are real or not. Before cutting, make sure the response grids are filled in. Some students circle the answers on the questionnaires and do not fill in the answer grid.

Please check to see that the students have marked their sex correctly. This can really mess up the results for many people. We have 2 separate areas where gender is marked to help avoid the problem. We cannot determine the sex of people with names such as Chris, Kelly, Terry, etc.

Can teachers participate? YES. If teachers are participating, have them mark the grade as 'TE'. Please give us instructions as to how they are to be matched. e.g. Teachers matched with everyone, teachers matched with teachers only, or students on teachers' lists but teachers not on students' list, etc. There is no charge for the teachers' lists if they are marked as 'TE

Can we change the questions? YES. You may change any of the questions on the questionnaire except question 1. If you do alter the questionnaire, please send a copy of the questionnaire used along with your order. Please highlight the changes made.

Do we need to use homerooms on our lists? NO. If you do not use homerooms, the column will be left blank on the card. You may also substitute lunch periods, locker numbers, etc. For colleges, you can use phone numbers, dorms, majors, ets.

What are friendship list? The friendship lists are created by matching each student with all students in their grade or school without regard to gender. The friendship list and least compatible list are optional lists. If you do not wish that the students received these lists please indicate on the order form. You may also wish to "white out" the option before copying the questionnaire. If you are giving the students this option, please encourage them not to mark those options unless they are planning on purchasing them. This helps cut down on wasted cards.

Can we make special requests? CERTAINLY! Each year we do a number of special requests. One of the more common is to match students from neighboring schools for a social event or as a "get acquainted" activity before merging. Give us a call or e-mail your requests, and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

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