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Updated  August 10, 2009
Compatibility for Fun & Profit
Computer Match is a fun, profitable - and best of all - an EASY project to undertake. Not only can you raise the needed funds, but you can also raise school spirit and excitement by helping students to become better acquainted with one another. Being a class moderator myself, I know the problems and headaches of planning and carrying out fund raisers such as magazine sales, pizza sales, pancake breakfasts, car washes, and so on. They take many countless hours of planning and organizing. And of course, there is always the frustration of getting students excited and involved in the projects.
A No-Risk & Fun Project
A Computer Match project is simple to organize and undertake. Since the only materials you need are enough copies of the questionnaire for all students, the project can be carried out when it fits into your schedule. Each student fills out a questionnaire. You return the completed sheets to us. Each student will then receive a list containing the students of the opposite sex that are most compatible to him or her based on the responses to the questions. You sell the lists to the students at a price you set. The most common price is from $1.00 - $2.00. There is NO RISK since you only pay for the lists that you sell! Your cost is only $.55 (55 cents) for each list that you sell. In schools where this has been done, student and faculty response has been overwhelming!

As added fun, a variety of other activities can be done in conjunction with this project. Many schools have had a "Computer Match Dance" and have given discounts to couples who are on each other's lists. Several schools have teamed up with neighboring schools and held a "mixer". This project would also be great in schools that have just merged. We are quite flexible in what can be done, and we will try to handle any special requests you may have.


Everything you need is here!


The instructions, order form, reproducible questionnaires, and response sheets are included in this web site. The necessary forms can also be obtained by contacting us by phone, mail, e-mail, or fax.

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